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Leather is a natural product emanating warmth and beauty. It is a popular upholstery cover due to its durability and individualistic characteristics such as differences in colour shade, natural grain variation and features which add to the wearing qualities of genuine leather. Here you will find simple tips on how to easily care for your leather furniture, helping it looking better as the years go by.

Tetrad only use natural, organic and uncorrected leathers. Our knowledgeable craftsmen have many years’ experience in working with leather in its natural state and always endeavour to colour match upholstery as far as possible.

General usage and care of Leather upholstery
Tetrad Leather has a suppleness that will bring comfort, life and character to the furniture. On softer areas such as seat cushions, creases and wrinkles will naturally occur over time, and the leather may give a little. This is normal and gives a soft inviting look that you can only really get with quality leather upholstery.

Dust your furniture regularly with a soft cloth or brush, to stop the accumulation of dust and dirt that cause premature wear. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner or chemical cleaning products.
Sunlight & heat

All leathers can be affected if exposed to direct sunlight or heat for prolonged periods of time, and this is more so true of the genuine, uncorrected aniline leathers used to craft the finest furniture such as your Tetrad pieces. We recommend you try not to position your piece in direct sunlight or heat (for example, in conservatories) to help avoid premature fading or wear.
Do not place hot items such as hot drinks, hot water bottles or laptops on leather as that may result in dark marks.

Try to maintain at least 30cm clearance from heat sources such as radiators to prevent colour change or permanent marks occurring.

Remove any spills immediately. Blot the liquid with a clean, dry, lint free cloth, working towards the centre of the spill dabbing gently. Do not rub or use abrasive cleaners, detergents or solvents as this will result in damage to your furniture.

Leather categories
Our range consists of many hides hand-selected from the world’s finest tanneries. Whilst each hide has its own look and feel, they can be broadly separated into 4 main categories.

Aniline dye has a transparency that enhances the characteristics of natural materials making these leathers the most attractive and unique, prized for their soft natural feel. They are the most expensive leathers to produce as only the very best selection of hides can be used to produce aniline leathers. Aniline dyed leathers are more susceptible to absorbing liquids because of the natural porosity.

Light scratches on the surface of aniline will turn a lighter shade. To restore the original colour, lightly wet and rub your fingers over the area, it should darken slightly but dry the same colour.

Semi-Aniline dyed leathers have been both dyed and have a thin finishing layer on the surface. They offer a combination of the softness and feel of aniline leather with the protective benefits of a surface finish. By dyeing the leather before the final top coating is applied, a very even colouration can be achieved with only a thin layer of finish remaining; therefore, the leather remains softer because it is not necessary to apply a thick top coating.

Pull-up, also referred to as waxy or oily pull-up leathers are designed to look “distressed” through time and use. The leather lightens in colour when stretched during wear, creating an “aged” appearance. In places of heavy use, the oils will be pushed away leaving lighter areas – particularly on the seating areas.

Hand Antiqued
A fully penetrated aniline dyed hide, its appearance is enhanced by a hand staining process. The result is a rich aged look that gives leather added depth and character. The rich oils in the retannage allows you to look deep into the surface of the leather ensuring that all the true characteristics of the leather, wrinkles, natural texture, markings etc. are visible. In daily use, this patina will be further enriched. Due to varying grain structure, the dyes penetrate to differing degrees in different parts giving attractive variations.

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