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Caring for Velvet

It’s easy to fall in love with velvet, the warmth and lustrous texture can prove irresistible and over time with a little care your velvet furniture will develop its own unique character.

  • As with delicate fabrics a few simple steps will help prolong its appeal.
  • Creases and areas of crushing will fade with time, gently brush with soft brush.
  • Gently vacuum to avoid the buildup of dust that can affect the delicate pile of velvet.
  • Avoid ironing velvet at all costs as to do so will flatten the pile and leave a mark.
  • Liquid will mark velvet. If a spill occurs blot it with a clean dry cloth, don’t rub it.
  • We advise that seat cushions are turned on a regular basis.
  • If needed, research a professional cleaner with expert knowledge.